BankruptcyWatch Welcomes a New Team Member!

Ryan Gustafson has joined BankruptcyWatch as associate products manager. BankruptcyWatch is advancing rapidly, and as a result, new and innovative people continue to be needed. Ryan Gustafson has joined the team and brings an impressive array of talent along with him.

As a Berkeley graduate of Electrical Engineering in Computer Science, Ryan has a valuable perspective on the intricacies of a project. Big picture thinking is a key component of computer science, and it also applies to project management. From planning to rollout, a great engineering perspective is invaluable. With many great bankruptcy management tools already in place, and many more being developed, an associate products manager like Ryan is great to have onboard to help develop and manage new products.

Among his impressive accomplishments, Ryan developed an optimized drop off and pick up program for the company Lyft, and developed a student review program for peer feedback.

Ryan also has a passion for sharing his experience with others and enjoyed his time mentoring other students in computer science while at Berkeley.

Ryan also appreciates the value of taking time to go to the lake or go for a mountain bike ride.

BankruptcyWatch looks forward to having Ryan share his talents and carry some great ideas forward as an assistant project manager.

BankruptcyWatch is becoming an integral part of the lending industry by making it possible for lenders, large and small, with their industry-first tools that help lenders more efficiently detect and automatically process all of their responses to any part of a bankruptcy case. This cutting-edge automation also helps lenders easily obtain a more comprehensive picture of the financial status of their client or potential client thereby promoting efficient and effective decision-making through the lending process. While tracking bankruptcy filings is not new, converting those filings from a cost to a profit center for your company is easier than ever before.

To learn more about how BankruptcyWatch can help your organization, email, visit or call 888-895-1328.


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