Nortridge and Bankruptcy Webinar Report

Nortridge and Bankruptcy watch are forging ahead with their new software integration. This integration revolutionizes the bankruptcy process and can generate new revenue all while staying inside of NLS. This newly released feature transforms your bankruptcies into an automated profit machine.

Two exciting webinars have been held to date with more in-depth support planned as users begin implementing the Bankruptcywatch plug-in.

In these webinars, the President at BankruptcyWatch, Lance Wickham, covered:

-The immediate and long term bankruptcy outlook as the economy enters recovery mode following COVID-19

-3 different ways to generate revenue from bankruptcies

-A High-level overview of how you can now use NLS to reduce your legal and financial exposure in bankruptcy filings.

Regarding the bankruptcy outlook, Lance Wickam shared this trend chart prepared by using advanced Bankruptcywatch software showing 2019 bankruptcies compared to 2020 bankruptcies as well as likely future projections:

Clearly challenging times have been predicted, and Bankruptcywatch is ahead of the curve looking out for you.

Regarding 3 different ways to generate revenue from bankruptcies, Lance explained how the Bankruptcywatch plugin can accomplish as it will:

-Automatically detect filings

-Help you determine the best response

-Automate case management

When it comes to reducing your legal and financial exposure in bankruptcy filings, Bankruptcywatch is amazing at giving you the tools you need to detect a filing. With new filings daily, staying current is paramount for your success. Once detected, it is now time to determine the best response. It’s important to know you have choices at this point as many companies just drop the case and write off the loss. You can now consider your options to pursue collection leading to revenue, and Bankruptcywatch can help you automate the case management.

We are always planning for the next steps, stay tuned for more information as developments continue to roll out!

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