BankruptcyWatch and Infinity Unveil

Fully Integrated Bankruptcy Monitoring

Salt Lake City, UT January 15, 2019 – BankruptcyWatch and Infinity have implemented a consumer bankruptcy monitoring tool as part of their ongoing and expanding collaborative partnership. This feature is now accessible to all Infinity clients and gives them automated access to filing data that further increases the benefits already offered to them through Infinity’s excellent software platform.

This means that Infinity’s current users, large and small, can now automatically receive and process bankruptcy information the moment a debtor or applicant files bankruptcy. Infinity clients have complete control over the bankruptcy monitoring process and the added freedom created by automation.

Since BankruptcyWatch supplies Consumer Monitoring data directly through Infinity’s platform, Infinity users save time by having two great services easily integrated in one place. This service is an expansion of the live-check feature that was implemented over a year ago. This enables Lenders to easily and effortlessly monitor the debtor’s status.

“This service is yet another layer of value that we provide to help lenders increase collections while simultaneously reducing risk and potentially convert a loss into something profitable,” said Lance Wickham, President of BankruptcyWatch.

Jennifer Klein with Infinity, emphasized that “in this age of big data and analytics, it is important that we provide the latest tools and the most comprehensive information available in real-time. We do this always with an eye towards offering better strategic opportunities and higher value proposition to our clients’ business.”

Wickham added that “integrating Consumer bankruptcy Monitoring directly into the Infinity platform gives their clients easy access to the most comprehensive bankruptcy monitoring and research tools on the market today.”

Some of the major benefits Infinity users will get out of Consumer Monitoring include:

An easy setup that takes less than 5 minutes to complete.

Instant notifications when a debtor files a new bankruptcy case.

Avoid legal exposure by knowing precisely when to stop collections activities. This keeps lenders from accidentally violating the automatic stay.

Easily obtain a more comprehensive picture of the financial status of the client and potential client thereby promoting an efficient and effective decision-making.

BankruptcyWatch and Infinity have provided hundreds of thousands of live and accurate bankruptcy reports to their users. Infinity provides the industry’s leading technology platform with the most comprehensive set of loan products, mobile technology, advanced reporting, analytics, marketing automation, flexible underwriting, streamlined collections, etc.

To learn more about how BankruptcyWatch can help your organization, visit, email, or call 1-888-895-1328.

For more information about Infinity’s lending software services, email, visit or call them at 1-866-729-3682.


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