BankruptcyWatch announces their monitoring tool called allows any organization or individual to track the current and prior status of federal bankruptcy court website availability. is the US government’s electronic court records repository and consists of data from 94 different court districts. Because pulls from so many sources, it is surprisingly common for one or more data sources to be unavailable at any given time. “Not knowing if a particular district is at fault or some other problem prohibits access to certain bankruptcy courts can be a real challenge for organizations such as banks, loan servicing companies and underwriters.”, says Jonathan Turkanis, VP - Software Architecture. This is especially true if those organizations utilize automated means of access to PACER information such as the BankruptcyWatch PACER API. tracks the availability of all 94 of the federal bankruptcy court websites.
Many organizations across the country have thousands of employees trained to use and interact with the PACER court systems. When court websites go down, it wreaks havoc on their operations. Lance Wickham, President of BankruptcyWatch said, “This new tool is enormously convenient for our users, and anyone else to easily figure out if a specific court is down at any given time.” He says “Since BankruptcyWatch is essentially automating entire bankruptcy departments, it’s important for our clients to quickly determine the courts' status so they can take proper steps to minimize any issues that may cause.” Adding that “Until now, the go-to source for information was a phone call to PACER which often means waiting on hold for long periods of time and getting only limited information from the support agents.” provides some unique elements including a quick and easy overview of every district as well as a more in-depth view that helps users understhand the severity and type of issue the system is experiencing.
BankruptcyWatch is the industry leader in providing automated access to bankruptcy court data, including information contained inside PDF documents. For more information on how to automate your bankruptcy department or how works, email, or call 888-895-1328.


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